de Générac

Between the 30th of July and the 2nd of August, more than 800 hectares went up in smoke because of an exceptional fire extension , including 70 hectares of Puech Lachet. More than 600 firemen and gendarmes intervened on the ground to stop the fire and to protect the inhabitants, including 190 were evacuated. After this tragical event, the manifestation of numerous supports from different actors of the territory inspired the Renaissance project.

The mission
of Renaissance

A reforestation project
but not only… :

The idea of the Renaissance project isn’t to reproduce the communal forest identically but to re-think this site according to the current issues of our epoch. The site’s landscaping will also take in to account the clearance of highlighted distant views. These views are an advantage for finding your way around and contemplating the natural sites of our territory.

A sponsorship to support the reconstruction of the site :

The objective of the sponsorship is to be able to carry out a territory’s real project around a natural site, which gathers environmental and social issues, The participation of different actors who share common values is the key to the strength of this project. ‘Together , let’s build tomorrow’

How to become a sponsor ?

The actors
of Renaissance’s project

The mission’s sponsors : Mrs. Stéphanie SAGNARD, STS Promotion company & Mr. Pierre MARTIN, VINCI CONSTRUCTION company. 

Members of the Technical and Piloting Committee : Elected officials of the municipality , Ms MURE botanist and assistant to the project manager, the Departmental Fire and Rescue, Service the National Forestry Office, the Gard Department of Territories and Sea, the Hunting Society, schools and representatives of the Generac population

Our founding sponsors : The GOUTAL ALIBERT Office & ASSOCIES, the MGT QUIDAM company, the PONT DU GARD and NIMES UNIVERSITY.

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the forest of Générac

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Trees planted with your donations

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